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Cozy. Clean. Comfortable. Location is very convenient.
This is my first experience of living in the hostel. Lived two weeks. I liked very much. All very thought out and provided. Long term stay - this is a good criterion by which to judge the quality of the place in which you live. So, I did not felt any discomfort. Sleeper - excellent! Showers and toilets - excellent! Location all wonderful. There are hair dryer. On the kitchen area, too everything. All recommend this hostel, especially the youth.
1. Cozy atmosphere, stylish and nice interior. 2. The ideal location. 3. The attentive and understanding staff. If it is necessary to stay until after the plane out - no problem, you can spend time in the common areas. 4. Comfortable beds with curtains, did not break through the light, with comfortable mattresses and bedding. 5. In the common areas a lot of tables, chairs, sofas, where you can sit at the laptop to work. 6. WiFi has average speed but sometimes things go wrong.